37652528085_560bf4e36d_oTruth? One can stink to high heaven after Traveling at the Speed of Bike (especially on days you don’t get a chance to run through fountains mid-ride). I know, because I have (and if you’ve sat next to me after I was riding, you know it, too).

That’s due in large part to the facts that:

(1) it’s frickin’ 5,000 degrees here from March through November;

(2) I ride a bike up and down hills for hours at a time;

(3) I won’t use an underarm deodorant that contains aluminum (which is a possible cause of breast cancer, and my mom has already lost both breasts to cancer so I’m considered at high risk) or fragrances (a family member has a severe chemical sensitivity so most fragrances are out). Plus, I’m not a fan of all the other sh*t they put in personal hygiene products either.

Trust me, I’ve tried everything, so when I rave about this product, and how it has actually changed my life since I started using it last August (when I started doing bike tours), you can literally bet the house on it. It’s called Underarmed; it’s hand-made in small batches in Franklin, Tennessee at a family-owned business; it contains no aluminum, fragrance, parabens, propylene glycol, phthalates, triclosan, or any other harsh chemicals; and it’s cruelty-free. It goes on clear and invisible, and the containers are BPA-free and recyclable. Other products may boast these claims as well, but here’s the thing — I’ve been road-testing this one nonstop and IT WORKS ALL DAY. None of the others on which I’ve wasted money over the years have come close to the performance of this product. Click the photo below to find out more about, and purchase, the Underarmed deodorant I bought, use, and love:

Yes, it’s pricey (comparatively) at fifteen bucks a pop, and I go through an average of one each month (although I may be applying more than I actually need out of an abundance of caution — it says online that you can get three months of daily use out of one container). However, for just two quarters a day, I am FREE to go wherever I want to go via bike, including to meetings or theater events afterwards without having to shower or sit in the rafters. I like to wear dresses and other regular clothes while riding so that I can cross-purpose, and this product is compatible with doing that. This has led to a complete liberation in how I plan my day, and the ease and security with which I can fit Traveling at the Speed of Bike into my life.

Granted, I still need to make it through a full summer here in the heat-baked southeastern United States (although, please note, I’ve already done a 95-degree August), so I  promise you I’ll report back with an update. In the meantime, I can’t say enough good things about Underarmed and I strongly recommend it. In fact, I just ordered another one!

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