Welcome to my Traveling at the Speed of Bike-approved product shop. Every single product here is one I purchased, use (or read, in the case of the books), and love! Stay tuned as I’m blogging about each one of them, and I may add more over time if I fall in love with something additional. (See links to posts at the bottom of this page.)

When you click to Amazon from any photo on this page (or CafePress, in the case of the BikeNoodle sticker), you can purchase the product at the same price as if you went there directly, and I get a little commission, which keeps me out there Traveling at the Speed of Bike for you. Thank you!



Posts about these products:

Bike lights (front)

Bike lights (back)

“Regular clothes”

Bike shorts

Body camera, harness, and batteries


Cork handlebar tape

Gloves I love

Reusable water bottle