Reusable water bottle

fullsizeoutput_1e73.jpegI haven’t used a disposable plastic water bottle in years, and that’s because of great reusable water bottles such as this. It’s BPA-free and has a filter that can handle about 300 refills before being replaced, which is great when I’m filling up in bathroom sinks while Traveling at the Speed of Bike. (Whatever happened to public water fountains?)

It’s also squeezable and has a sports cap, which makes hydration super easy at a red light. And it’s lightweight (which makes a difference to the total weight on my bike) and dishwasher safe (on the top). So, all in all, a win. Click the photo below to purchase the water bottles I bought, use, and love. (Yes, you need two so you always have one clean and ready to go. Trust me.)

And while we’re at it, do you need a bottle holder? If your bike already has two holes drilled for it, here ya’ go. You get two for eleven bucks (I put them on different bikes, or you could split it with someone):

(Note: I have tried the style of bottle holder that attaches via Velcro and I’m meh about it.)

Oh, and by the way, here’s a “Pedal Power with Pattie” tip if you are planning to use a bikeshare bike. I have yet to meet one with a water bottle holder, and it’s a disaster waiting to happen if your bottle doesn’t fit in whatever bag you may be carrying on your body. Don’t believe me? See the short video below (hang in there for the thrilling conclusion). (I’m using a metal bottle in this video, obviously.) Things just fly out of these baskets every single time you hit the smallest bump, which could create a definite danger when riding in motor vehicle traffic. A different bikeshare style has a bungee cord thing that requires you to put your water bottle in bondage, which means you can never easily access it. Plus, it untwirls and flings itself out unexpectedly. Honestly, don’t get me going.

So, the only solution to this is to get a mesh water bottle carrier to tuck in your purse and wear cross-body with your bottle in it when you’re riding. You will be so damn proud of yourself. I think I bought mine at REI years ago. I’ll find one to recommend to you soon. Stay tuned.

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