Articles at the speed of bike

1936985_127450687886_1184675_nI found this old collage of articles I wrote for various publications* while Traveling at the Speed of Bike in the early 2000s. That photo of me must be from about 2006. That bike is Mulie, who is mentioned in my book and who has now been put out to pasture.

If interested, you can click on some of these articles (and others) here. I have a new one coming out in about a month on Unearth Women, a gorgeous new feminist travel magazine out of New York City. Stay tuned!

If you’d rather travel at the speed of bike yourself to see all aspects of sustainability up close and personal, sign up for the Sustainability-in-Action Tour I’ve created (and will lead) for Bicycle Tours of Atlanta. Here’s the info. 

* and the brochure for the Sustainability Commission, which is a still-active city committee that I created and was appointed by the mayor to lead when the metro-Atlanta suburb where I live became the newest city in the United States

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