My commute home from work

If you haven’t been on the Atlanta Beltline (Belty), you may enjoy seeing what all the buzz is about. This is my commute home from work after leading bike tours, condensed to 25 seconds (with crazy music). I then ride through car-free Piedmont Park to the Arts Center MARTA transit station for a 15-minute train ride to the metro Atlanta suburb-city of Dunwoody (bikes are allowed on the train at all times). (On weekends, I instead take Edgewood Avenue to the Peachtree Center MARTA transit station or another station farther up Peachtree if I still feel like riding, because Belty is beyond-belief crowded.) I then drive four miles because it is too dangerous to ride without BikeNoodle, which I don’t use in the City of Atlanta and don’t therefore have with me.