The international color of “please don’t kill me”

fullsizeoutput_20a3.jpegMy old #BikeNoodle, strapped onto my back rack while Traveling at the Speed of Bike (note that I only use it in suburbia, as riding there without it is its own Dante’s Inferno ring of hell) has been slowly ripping after two years of use and 100% success at eliminating illegal passing and driver aggression. Here’s my new one. I went with yellow this time because it’s the international color of please don’t kill me — I’m just trying to get home safely.

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Fun fact: People are starting to use the #BikeNoodle solution all over the USA (after its premier in Toronto — that’s all in my book). I’m seeing posts about it on Twitter and Instagram.

If you’d like to try it as your own traveling bike lane, you may want to include the sticker I’ve made available for purchase*. Simply personalize it with however you want to identify yourself. I was gonna switch it up this time and write something different (kid from the 70s!) (senior!) but I decided to stick with “local mom.” Here’s what it looks like when you use it (sound up):

Here was the maiden ride of the new one (raw footage; no voiceover or music), as I was commuting home from a business lunch at one of the only places here to eat that has a bike rack (thank you, Alon’s!):

* See Chapter 6: Noodle Lady in my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike. It has worked for me (even though I literally hate using it). I don’t assume liability. FYI, I got this message via Twitter on a day when I was just about to throw in the towel locally. Change is slow, but it is happening:


My local city representatives are fully aware that the current and some upcoming bike infrastructure does not meet NACTO recommendations for speed and volume of motor vehicle traffic. Many other suburbs and cities are similarly knowingly putting their constituencies at daily risk and denying safe access for all. See this post for more on this.

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