fullsizeoutput_2199Not since Shakespeare’s “Though she be little, she is fierce” have words struck home for me* as the line uttered in one of our hallowed halls of government (and which wasn’t originally intended as a compliment): “Nevertheless, she persisted.” And when I achieved something yesterday for which I had worked hard — had persisted — it was the first line that came to my mind.

As I’ve been conscientiously observing the past few years, I see women persisting in all aspects of life, and I am drawn to our individual and collective essence more and more. I also, as you know, believe that the challenging act of “taking the lane” on a bike and owning our space in the world can empower a woman to take a greater lane in her life. That’s why a percentage of profits from the sale of my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike, are invested right back into women and girls to encourage them to ride bikes. Here are my upcoming free events in Boston, New York City, and metro Atlanta, as a result of your support. Thank you.

Look, I have many friends, family members, and colleagues who are men. This is not against men. I love men. But this is a moment in time when women are needed in greater numbers in positions of personal and professional power. I hear that when women comprise just 25-30% of leadership positions in organizations, sea changes happen that benefit everyone. And sea changes, figuratively and literally, are needed. So if you are a woman out there doing the heavy lifting to try to make a better world for all, I see you. I support you when I vote with my time, my dollars, and my ballot. And I ask for your support in return. We are PerSisters.

* Well, there’s also “Time makes you bolder; even children get older, and I’m getting older, too.” I am now 55 years old. I am the mother of two daughters. I will not stop advocating for a better world for women and girls (and thus, everyone) until my last dying breath.


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