Today I bear witness

from the March 2019 Youth Climate March in Atlanta, GA

I am a street photographer. I bear witness in a city and a country and a world at a crossroads. At the end of the day, I sometimes think it’s the most important work I do.

You may see me on the edges of things — watching a scene unfold, waiting for the “decisive moment” (as famous street photographer Henri Cartier Bresson called it). You may see me talking to people (Today’s Nice Strangers) or simply Traveling at the Speed of Bike. Some of what I see and learn and capture becomes part of (or inspires) my articles, books and blog posts. But most of it simply documents a time, place and reality, for unknown people in an unknown future on the off-chance that it may matter. In general, I’m paid for none of it in a currency that is useful here on Earth.

Increasingly, I’ve been covering protests, marches and strikes. I have thousands of photos at this point. Here are a few.

Bearing Witness.jpg

Today I bear witness at perhaps the most important one of all. Perhaps I’ll see you there.


Climate Protests
Click for Youth Climate Strike photo album