Public plazas

Let’s kick off a week of looking back at this past decade with this photo, taken in New York City in the summer of 2010. That’s how long ago we started reclaiming our public space, folks. If your city hasn’t done this yet, it is ten years behind the times.

This other photo is from that same day in 2010 as well.

photo from 2010

Note: I was in New York City two weeks ago to do my father’s old commute with him, which was the final thing on his Bucket List. This involved taking a train to Penn Station and walking down to 23rd and Madison to visit the grand old headquarters of Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. We did most of that walk on Broadway, and it was sooo quiet (and safe for an 86-year-old to traverse). That’s because so much of that major road is now pedestrian plazas and bike lanes. Below is a photo from that walk, looking north from the Flat Iron Building at 23rd Street toward the Empire State Building.

photo from November 2019

I’m working on a story about our experience. Bottom line? It was extraordinary — or, perhaps for those who do this commute every day now, very ordinary.

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