CE609D52-3FF9-47B4-858B-D901A130DD28Honestly, this new $21 rain poncho (which I introduced to you here) has changed everything. You may have seen me zipping around in the endless rain lately. I’ve been so dry and comfortable everywhere I’ve gone! (I’m holding up my water jugs in this photo, although you can barely see them.)

This particular poncho isn’t sweaty (like others I’ve tried), so it’s on the way to Best Purchase Ever status. Additionally, it has side velcro, that front pocket (hello, camera, glasses, and keys — plus my bag across my back is fully covered), and grommets in case I need to turn it into a tent! And I’m not even selling this thing online or anything (although I do sell these). I just love it and wanted you to know that our rainy world looks different from the inside of a rain poncho.

I hung it up on the coat rack at my local coffee shop today while meeting with a friend and thought for sure someone was gonna steal it because it’s clearly wow, but I got lucky and got to wear it while Traveling at the Speed of Bike home. More good news: it enables me to sit on the wet bike seat; it doesn’t get stuck in my bike tires; and it dries super quickly and folds up into its pocket so it’s easy to carry along “just in case.”

Honestly if it rains yet again tomorrow, I DON’T CARE. Because of, well, PONCHY!

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