The next chapter

900EE88D-B5B7-4213-97F0-C8FB995EB2B4I came home from my eldercare emergency in south Florida to torrential rain and then a beautiful morning of snow — which is a maybe-once-a-year fluffy joy here in metro Atlanta where everyone stays home (unless, of course, it’s a repeat of Snowpocalypse*, which this one wasn’t) and the streets are temporarily safe for playing (imagine what is possible)

LS-8Once things started melting and it was clear that the streets were not icy, I hopped on Magic and headed up to my local coffee shop to write my third chapter of Leaving Suburbia for the Peace Corps. It is deeply personal, so out of respect for my husband and others in my family, I won’t be sharing it here. If I continue to write once in Uganda (which is highly probable), then these chapters leading up to leaving will most likely appear in some sort of condensed or summarized form, in perhaps a future book with a name I can’t yet imagine. It’s all part of the journey.

* See my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike, for more on that, if interested.