Savings of $305

C17C1D83-58DF-4147-ADAF-B3168FEA8659And that’s that. Eleven days spent Traveling at the Speed of Bike 100% as transportation to/from eldercare responsibilities for a total of 147 miles and an Uber savings of $305 (due to the bike — which cost $125, by the way).

The best part is that I now get to pass Della Ray on to my very dear friend, who is in a parallel eldercare situation here as well.

I am now four buses, one train, and a plane away from being home, where there’s yet more heavy stuff to handle. The moments in meditation I have had the opportunity to take while here have strengthened me for what is yet to come, while the crisis I helped handle has also held blessings I will carry in my heart for the rest of my life. And that, perhaps, is priceless.