Growing stressed? Start growing food.

If you are feeling coronavirus (and other) stress, growing a little of your own food can help*, not just for the health-enhancing nutrients but also because planting a seed is the ultimate act of faith in the future and sometimes (like now) we just need to see that in action.

I still have two beds and a raised planter left in my home garden (the rest I’ve eliminated in preparation for leaving for Peace Corps Uganda) and I’m planting today, even though I didn’t plan to do so ever again at the home where I have lived for almost 25 years. My friend Rashid’s** words to me from years ago, “Plant anyway,” ring in my ear, and this recent stop at a community garden while Traveling at the Speed of Bike in south Florida during yet another eldercare trip this past week, pictured above, clinched my decision.

If interested, this little post, titled Simple Year-at-a-Glance Advice for New Metro-Atlanta Gardeners, may offer you some tips, targeted to my local grow zones with some general advice for everyone (note that links don’t work but I can locate them for you, if you need something specific). My book, Food for My Daughters***, has many more (and I also love Farmer D’s book, Citizen Farmer — here is my review of it). There are some videos and articles here that may inspire you a bit. Feel free to contact me if you need any other help.

UPDATE: If interested, see related post titled How to Make Biodegradable Newspaper Planting Pots.

* I started growing food after 9/11. It helped. 

** Here is my review of Rashid’s book, Growing Out Loud

*** And, as always, proceeds from the sale of my book help provide food for those in need


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