Kindness cups

I’m not saying we should do this, but IF we did this (with or without Bike Noodle) with our red party cups (which are useless now anyway), then we’d have safer places to ride bikes for our limited daily exercise and to get to essential services. (Note: Bike Noodle is only 2.5 feet wide so you can see how narrow that unprotected bike lane by my local park is — similar to many in our suburbs and cities.) (Note: I already asked City Hall for cones but got a flat no.) I would call these kindness cups, since the only thing that should runneth over where we live, especially now when hospitals are maxed out, is kindness!

If interested, folks have already done this nationwide for the Red Cup Project. I believe they weighted down the cups with water. (Folks also used tomatoes and plungers, but I’m guessing we don’t want to waste either of those right now!) If interested, you can see photos here.

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