when I met Courtney in NYC

My friend Courtney Williams (recently named the first People’s Bike Czar of NYC) is hosting three Bike Bingo Wednesdays on Zoom during Bike Month (which is now). She has a special guest or two each week, with whom she chats for a bit and then we all play a game of Bingo on a card specially-created to include words from that person’s experience.

Last week was Week 1, and it was fun! I used unpopped popcorn to mark my Bingo card right on my cell phone!

The winners get fun prizes. I’ve been Traveling at the Speed of Bike to my local post office a lot recently, and one of those mail drops was my two books that I sent to Courtney as part of the prize pool for Week 3!

Here are the dates and guests, copied directly from Courtney’s Bike Bingo Wednesdays sign-up page on Eventbrite:

Dates & Guest List:

May 13 – Sheryl, President of Bike Friendly Grand Prairie (TX) & Sean, co founder Stoned & Fixed (Georgia) talk about cycling before & after lifted lockdown

May 21 – NYC-based mobile bike shop entrepreneur Greg Benning of Bike Rescue & Josh Bisker of Mechanical Garden Bike Coop talk wrenching during covid

May 28 – Bike educator, woman bike traveller, Peace Corp-hopeful Pattie Baker on staying mentally flexible and changing plans

Hope to see you there!


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