Allow. Don’t Ask How. UPDATED

With a little over a week until I was supposed to be united with my Peace Corps Uganda 2020 cohort and my government-issued passport prior to our flight to Entebbe International, I finished the essay on which I’ve been working, titled Leaving Suburbia for the Peace Corps (you may have read the first installment, Truth? I’m Scared), and submitted it to The New York Times.

Their reply email indicated I would receive an answer within three days. Not including the holiday weekend, that takes me to end-of-day Tuesday. I am expecting a yes (because that’s what I do), yet am prepared for a no (because that’s more often what happens), at which point I will publish the essay myself (because I’m not dying with stuff still under my bed, folks).

As this wonderful street art I passed while Traveling at the Speed of Bike instructs: Allow. Don’t Ask How. 

And so, I continue to trust the journey.

(I’ve also been doing this.)

UPDATE: Leaving Suburbia for the Peace Corps has been published. You can read it here.