I am not silent

I am white. I am not silent. I write; I bear witness as a street photographer; and I vote with my ballot, fork, and pedals for a more just world. Two highly-publicized crimes against African American men this week mean I must not be silent yet again. I speak mostly through my arts, and I will continue to do so.


In the meantime, these are two of the hundreds of street photographs I’ve taken at protests (mostly in Atlanta, Georgia, USA) while traveling at the speed of bike.

Below are some past expressions on my journey to a greater understanding of the issues that continue to crush the necks of our fellow Americans and put their lives at heightened risk for simply existing. There’s much more in my book.

Truth at a Crossroads

“I Am the Boy”

Off the Wall

The Atlanta Beltline Is Shutting Down This Community Garden? You’re Kidding, Right? (I went on to cover that story in a longitudinal photo essay titled At The End of Holderness Street and a series of blog posts for more than three years)

The Answers Are in the Streets

A Stone (Mountain)-in-the-Pond Ripple Effect of Questions

Black Lives at a Crossroads, and a White Woman’s Attempts to Understand