Meet YT

Meet YT. She is Today’s Nice Stranger. I met her while Traveling at the Speed of Bike in Clarkston, Georgia (the most diverse square mile in the United States).

I used to do research and hands-on outreach in Clarkston on a wide variety of projects two days a week but hadn’t been back in awhile. There was a planned protest yesterday afternoon. Since I am avoiding protests due to COVID-19 (although I fell upon this one last week and was able to cover it while socially distanced), I decided to go earlier to observe the scene prior to the actual action.

I met YT while she was setting up for the protest in front of Clarkston City Hall. I particularly liked her mask and the reminder to vote (this Tuesday in Georgia, if you haven’t already early-voted or mailed in your ballot). Voters in my county will find the name of Ted Terry, the former mayor of Clarkston, on the ballot for Dekalb County Commissioner (following an unsuccessful run for U.S. Senate). Those of you around the world may know him from the Netflix show Queer Eye, on which he was featured.

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UPDATE: I found out afterwards that YT Bell is a City of Clarkston City Councilor.

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