I’m researching a new work of Young Adult fiction this summer (I tapped out of both Facebook and Instagram to provide myself with space to focus on this). Years ago, I wrote a Young Adult novel named Spokesgirl (about a teenage osteosarcoma survivor who learned to ride a unicycle, thus changing her life and the lives of those around her). It was published recently. You can take a sneak peek here, and download it instantly to any device.

A few years ago, I was able to use what I learned during the writing of that book to help this woman. (Life is funny — trust the journey.) That story (and more) is in my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike.

In preparation for leaving for the Peace Corps, I recently gave the unicycle I learned to ride as research to write Spokesgirl to a man named Johnathan. You can read about that here, if interested.