“More young girls pregnant due to water shortage”

So I saw a headline on Twitter yesterday that went something like this: “More Young Girls Pregnant Due to Water Shortage.” Just let those incongruous words sink in a minute, and then read what I excerpted from the story in the visual above.

This is in Uganda, where I was supposed to be right now, but it could be happening (and most likely is) in many places around our world.

Later in the day, I saw that the global nonprofit agency World Bicycle Relief posted a new report showing how bikes change things for girls and women, and then ultimately (ripple effect) their communities, countries, and the world. I know this already and have written about it often, but was so happy to see the latest statistics, and more.

See the complete Wheels of Change report from World Bicycle Relief here

Additionally, I have actively put myself in a position where I can directly help more girls and women close to home and around the world. But it just hit me so hard yesterday, during a week when the world feels heavy for numerous reasons, and when I’m even more clear about wanting to be of service in the limited time I have left (after almost being killed this past Monday).

And so, today, I will ride my bike, and I will pray. I may not be able to literally do Leaps of Faith for a little while, but I can do them in spirit. And, as always, I will trust the journey.