This was my fave piece of art at the High Museum in Atlanta, in the Folk Art section I visited often (via bike) and could look at all day. It was large, enclosed in glass, and had moving parts. Next to it, there was an accompanying video interview with the self-taught artist. I pushed the button and watched it over and over. He was an old guy from Appalachia who just whittled away, and little by little, voilá, there this was. It add up. HE added up.

I thought about that man every day this month as I was whittling away on stories about women making the USA more welcoming for bike riding. Little by little. One at a time. Four hours a story between research, interview, writing, and project management. But one by one, it added up.

WE add up. You. Me. All of us. Maybe it’s not stories for you, but there’s something you’re whittling. There’s something you’re slowly chipping away at. Hang in there. You’ll get there. Keep whittling.

Today’s the big conclusion of my “You Go, Girl”series. It has been such a great honor to do this passion project this month, and to remind myself through the inspiring stories of others what’s possible one step, one phone call, one day, one daring dream at a time. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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