Recommend a woman to be featured in “YOU GO, GIRL” in August 2020

Do you know a woman who is helping make it more welcoming to ride bikes in the USA during what is now the biggest bike boom since the 1970s? Who comes to mind as someone tirelessly toiling away in both big as well as seemingly small ways — to make our streets safer, to bring back joy, to encourage, to unite, and to inspire?

I already have a good solid list of at least 10 women I want to feature*, but I’d love to meet more (virtually) and tell their stories so collectively we can stop waiting for change where we live and light the way forward for each other. Contact me with your suggestions.

Women are 50% of the population and we make or influence more than 80% of consumer purchase decisions. We can change anything and everything we want, today, if we work together. We do not need to wait. We do not need permission. 

My future dream is to be able to provide grants to women doing this necessary and often under-recognized work.

* I see you, Melissa of Pedal Love. I see you, Courtney of Brown Bike Girl in NYC and Courtney in Chicago and Dena in Philly. I see you, Robyn of Bicycle Tours of Atlanta, and Nedra of Civil Bikes, and Arleigh of Bike Shop Girl in Colorado. I see you, Timberley and Nadya and Paige and everyone else out there putting your lives on the line day in and day out.

I asked a few days ago: “Does It Matter?” Yes. Yes, it does.



The complete series:

1. Meet Alison Dewey

2. Meet Courtney Cobbs

3. Meet Paige Metzger

4. Meet Courtney Williams

5. Meet Robyn Elliott

6. Meet Vivian Ortiz

7. Meet Amanda Clay

8. Meet Deltrece Daniels

9. Meet Nadya Dhadiala

10. Meet Irene Lutts

11. Meet Sabat Ismail

12. Meet Timberley Jones

13. Meet Melissa Balmer

14. Meet Jenn Dice

15. Meet Shanequa Gay

16. Meet Jackie Marchand

17 -26. Meet 10 Women Who Wrote Bike Books I Love

27. Meet Maria Borowik

28. Meet Megan Ramey

29. Meet Annette Nesse

30. Meet Aly Nicklas

31. Meet . . . Yourself

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