Meet Timberley Jones

(photo courtesy of Timberley Jones)

Meet Timberley Jones. She’s the coolest person out there on bike and one of the warmest, most welcoming ambassadors of bike riding I know. I first met Timberley when she was the community and marketing manager of Atlanta’s Relay Bikeshare back in that program’s exciting early years. She told me:

“I always like being out and about, and I took a lot of pride and joy in setting up Relay and getting people on bikes. I’d do social media, lead rides, connect with businesses, and create pop-ups at MARTA stations. I liked the flexibility and not being micromanaged, but ultimately it wasn’t my brand and I wanted to develop that.”

Specifically interested in helping bike businesses connect more authentically with wider markets, Timberley created a company named Spokes Digital Media. In its early days, she sold ads displayed as moving billboards on her bike as she nonchalantly whipped around Atlanta (often in brightly-colored outfits including skirts), and consulted with businesses about how to make their social media more impactful. I used to run in to her often, such as the time we were both hopping on the train with our bikes (photo below).


Following a 700-mile solo, self-supported bike journey from Atlanta to Virginia Beach a couple of years ago, sandwiched by being hit by motor vehicle drivers two separate times, Timberley is currently growing her company by showcasing influencers that actively promote a healthy, sustainable, and fun lifestyle through shared bicycle content. You can follow Spokes Digital Media on Instagram here. As Timberley explained:

“There are a lot of people going to meetings to talk about creating safe spaces, which is necessary. I feel I am more helpful trying to influence a culture and mindset shift in how society views bike riding in order to retain and encourage riders.”

As a new mom, Timberley is currently circling close to home right now so she’s available when her breastfeeding daughter needs her, but she’s already researching her next move. Timberley is eyeing a bike trailer or cargo bike so that she can take her daughter along with her where she likes to be best. Out and about.





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