Our connected web

I’ve been waking up to some really interesting things as the women I’ve featured in the “You Go, Girl” series have shared their stories with their networks.

They are being amplified in police department networks because of Office Amanda Clay; bike tour networks (which includes global corporations) because of Robyn Elliott (Bicycle Tours of Atlanta) and Jackie Marchand (WomanTours); tribal networks because of the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe post (which featured prior tribal COO Annette Nesse); the librarian network because of the post about the ten bike books (I got a terrific email about that one last night); the legal network because of the Maria Borowik/BikeLaw post; and so many other corners of our country. This morning’s excitement was the inclusion of the Meg Ramey story on the Oregon Department of Transportation’s newsletter.

Just a reminder that we are all ultimately connected in a web so delicate you don’t even see it sometimes (but when you do, wow!) (photo taken while Traveling at the Speed of Bike yesterday), and we each can have a ripple effect in this world, however small that may feel at times . . .
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