Global News

I found this interesting. I was on a global zoom meeting today (more to come on that soon!) and the person in Amsterdam shared that they are now on lockdown again, and the person in Dublin said they can’t travel more than 5 kilometers from their homes and are not allowed to have any visitors even in their garden, both because the coronavirus is so bad there. They can ride their bikes.

Reminder: Bike riding is considered an essential, allowable activity that is easily socially-distanced. It connects you to people at a time when connection is hard, offers some fun when fun is in short supply, and can help you save money when every dollar counts.

Bike riding is proven to help reduce physical comorbidities and mental stress. Before we head into what might be a dark winter, it might be a good idea to have a physical and mental coping plan, if you don’t already or if the one you’re using could use a change or boost. If anyone who hasn’t ridden in awhile would like to brush off their bike riding skills and would like some help (or even just encouragement), please check out my text-based and free downloadable classes and free bonus resources. You may enjoy some armchair Traveling at the Speed of Bike as well (or instead). If you’re in Metro Atlanta, here are a Baker’s Dozen low-stress rides.

And this is from someone who was almost killed recently while riding my bike in the place I call home, and I’m still raving about the benefits. So there must be something to it.