Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor Schedule

This is my intended schedule for Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor focus efforts, updates from which to be published on over the next year:

November: Metro Atlanta Overivew

December: City of Atlanta

January: Cherokee County

February: Clayton County

March: Cobb County

April: DeKalb County

May: Douglas County

June: Fayette County

July: Fulton County

August: Gwinnett County

September: Henry County

October: Rockdale County

Additionally, I will be posting my 8-hour-a-week pro bono time allocation for the coming week each Sunday. If you have suggestions that align with these locations and topics, please feel free to contact me.

Note that I’m just one little unpaid person for this initiative and I will not be able to cover every story or participate in every opportunity (especially considering the ongoing pandemic). I’m also not going to recommend any route that is not welcoming and low-stress for women and teen girls, who are underrepresented in our public spaces. (See my currently-listed route recommendations here.) I hope to simply amplify, encourage, and connect, and, in doing so, lay a foundation for future growth of the Bicycle Mayor program within (and beyond) the 10-county Metro Atlanta region.

For more info about the Bicycle Mayor and Leaders Program, and my role in it, see here.

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