Gateway Drug?

So I stood there in Costco just staring at this folding electric bike like Ralphie coveting that store-window Red Ryder BB gun in the classic holiday movie, A Christmas Story.

I pondered: Is this just a toy that wouldn’t work right and would quickly break? Or could this be a gateway drug for those I know who have been hesitant to ride bikes for physical and other reasons? In short, could I use this to encourage others?

My God, I want this thing . . .

But $299, although cheap for an ebike, is still a lot of cash at a time when cash ain’t flowing.

And so, like Ralphie, I’ll just continue dreaming about it for now.

If you’d like to ascend the hills where you live or just get out on your local paths to get some exercise*, reduce your co-morbidities (at a time when that matters more than ever), and take a breather during what’s sure to be a long winter ahead, get on over to Costco and snatch up one of these babies! (No Costco membership or location nearby? No problem. It’s the same price on the website.)

Please note this post does not count as an endorsement as I have not road-tested this product. (Hey, Jetson, wanna send me one and, if I like it, I’ll be an ambassador?)

Note: If you do get one and would like a brush-up on basic bike skills, plus some tips and tricks, check out my text-based and downloadable class. (My free in-person class for December is already filled up.)

* Yes, ebikes provide more exercise than you’d think (without feeling like it). They may make you ride more often, which adds up to increased cumulative exercise — and they’re fun (which matters). See my little video (on a Jump ebike) below:

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