Hi. Nice to meetcha, if you’re new here. I’ve been putzin’ around for awhile, doing all sorts of strange things. Mostly bearing witness while Traveling at the Speed of Bike.

I’m always working on some sort of series (mostly related to photography). Some have been ongoing for years. I put most of them in one place, finally. You may enjoy.

The “You Go, Girl!” Series

Street Photography

Today’s Nice Stranger

A Streetcar Named Aspire

The Art of Bike Riding

The “Joy” Campaign

“When You Voted for Bikes, You Spoke for Me” Citizen Campaign

The View from the Handlebars

ABCs on the Atlanta Beltline

BuHi (Buford Highway)

Plastic Places

Leap of Faith

At the End of Holderness Street

Around Atlanta in 180 Days


Sunday Paper

Public Pianos

The White Dress Series

Leaving Suburbia for the Peace Corps