A Goal Is a Dream with a Deadline. Mine Is National Bike Month (May 2021).

A goal is a dream with a deadline, they say, and I’ve now more fully defined mine for National Bike Month in May (and am, in fact, knee-deep into it already).

Here’s where I’m at.

  1. Finish creating TikToks to align with my proprietary Pedal Power with Pattie basic bike skills class for women and teen girls, already available in text and downloadable PDF form.
  2. Upload all TikToks to YouTube and add links to existing course.
  3. Publish the course’s 22 micro-lessons once each day starting March 4 (march forth!), and amplify across multiple social media channels (including in found outdoor space and as guerrilla art). Promote again for 22 days in April.
  4. Start booking dates during National Bike Month to answer questions/chat with book clubs who are reading Traveling at the Speed of Bike. (Here’s a free discussion guide and an audio selection from Chapter 2: The Bike in the Attic. Contact me here to schedule.)
  5. Concurrently, continue all additional Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor work (see 3-month Executive Summary here) as well as identify specific things people can do to involve their communities leading up to and during National Bike Month, such as create a Ride with the Mayor (even if it’s virtual this year). (See TikTok below about one mayor whose opinion changed after a Ride to Lunch with the Mayor event)
  6. “Name and fame” people and communities that are embracing National Bike Month 2021. If that’s you (or where you live, work, or go to school), contact me with details.