Over 50!!! (TikToks, That Is!)

If u or any youthful people (of any age!) u know r interested, there r now over 50 (!!!) joy-based bike skills/inspiration TikToks on that platform at pedalpowerwithpattie, including one about FREE scholarships for those under age 21 to attend the National Bike Summit (which is virtual this year). (I’ve cross-posted some on Instagram and Twitter, if you prefer those platforms. All social media links here.)

With TikTok, I’m starting to reach hundreds of members of a new audience, and one video has almost hit 10k. (Imagine what’s possible.) This is particularly helpful during this time of limited in-person class opportunities and the known:

  • Positive mental and physical health;
  • Economic;
  • And environmental impacts of bike riding not just for individuals but for our communities. (I also offer my proprietary course via text and free downloadable PDF.)

I have about 10 more to create and add to feel like I’ve covered the Smart Cycling basics (as adapted to include additional lived and learned experience). Plus, leaps. So many leaps. I can’t stop taking my daily Leap of Faith — and I look forward to the day when riding a bike doesn’t require one. (See my Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor 3-month executive summary here.)

I’m having more fun than I’ve had in ages; I think I’m the only League Cycling Instructor doing this (I encourage others to do so as well!); and I hope that those who are new or newly-back to bike riding (especially women and teen girls, who are my focus) during the biggest bike boom in generations* feel especially welcomed. Join me!

* I’m a bike native who was there in the boom where it happened in the 1970s!