Slutty Vegan in Dunwoody!

So I was driving home from riding my bike (yet again) at Slow Duck Crossing (it’s fiction; it’s real). At a red light, I saw across the road, in the parking lot, the tell-tale yellow truck of Slutty Vegan!

This wildly successful company started and owned by Pinky Cole, with three brick-and-mortar locations (2 in the City of Atlanta and one in Jonesboro in Clayton County just south of Atlanta) usually has three-hour lines for its popular plant-based offerings. Currently, there were only about ten people on line so I quickly parked and joined them, especially since my vegan older daughter is home for six weeks and I’m on meal duty during quarantine!

The person who got on line behind me was even an old friend from our karate days so we got a chance to catch up and reconnect. So, all in all, a surprising and enjoyable experience at a time when not much new and exciting is happening.

Thanks, Slutty Vegan. If interested, you may enjoy my earlier story, “Meet Pinky, Owner of That New Yellow Place”

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