A Fan of See Click Fix

There are hundreds of ways our cities are gendered, ageist, and ableist. They include:

  • Marginalization (such as the inability for anyone of an average adult female height to reach a pull cord for ceiling fans in a public park);
  • Discriminatory messaging (such as my local police department saying that a parent should always be nearby when a teenage girl who is beyond old enough to babysit gets assaulted in a store — see Teenage Girl Saves Herself from Attacker);
  • Life-threatening dangers (hello, non-NACTO-compliant streets — see Dear Mayor and City Council).

Many people around the world are doing stunning research and publishing reports on gendered, ageist, and ableist cities, and I will do a more in-depth post about it.

In the meantime, I’ld just like to have a cooling breeze from publicly-funded existing amenities such as these ceiling fans when I take a break while Traveling at the Speed of Bike at my nearby park in hot and humid Metro Atlanta. So I submitted a SeeClickFix request (my 16th since 2014).

I’ll let you know what happens, and if where I live takes one little step to become more accessible for all. I’d be a fan of that.

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