A Tisket, A Tasket; Upcycled Ocean Plastic!

Oooooh, cool! Electra Bicycle Company sent me this basket (made of reclaimed/upcycled ocean plastic) to road-test! It quickly detaches so I can carry it into markets. Hello, fixin’s for my BikeNics!

Guess what else fits in it? My rollerskates!

In the last two weeks, I’ve ridden my bike to skate at a local elementary school, the middle school track, and the top deck of the MARTA transit station. Maybe the skate park today?!

Wearin’ yellow in these photos so this 57-year-old mom doesn’t get killed out there! Because my clothes make all the difference* in the light of day, lol.

*Just kiddin’. I wear whatever the hell I want. A bright yellow bag across my back, front and back lights on strobe, and a bright yellow three-foot pool noodle sticking out on the day I was assaulted by a motor vehicle driver didn’t matter.