Learn to Balance and Pedal!!! UPDATED (twice)

BREAKING NEWS: Due to popular demand, I’ve just added the first text-based class in the world to learn to balance and pedal a bike, in just 4 comfortable steps! And it’s FREE. It’s on a third party platform that specializes in text-based learning and keeps your number secure. (Note: although my lived and learned expertise is offered free, the platform, Arist, charges a one-time $9 administrative fee). Sign up here.

Update: I’ve just added this quick 4-step course in a free downloadable PDF as well! There are a couple of fun video links in both formats that demonstrate actions. Check it out!

(If you’ve never ridden a bike in your life, take this class prior to the Pedal Power with Pattie Bike Skills Class I offer in four different ways.)  

Update again! 190 people have now taken this class. About 350 have taken the longer class. Additionally, 1300 people have downloaded my Seniors on Trikes Class recommendations, and 572 have used my Traveling at the Speed of Bike book club discussion guide. Am grateful that technology enables me to extend my reach like this, close to home and around the world. Imagine what is possible . . .

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