ABC’s Stephen Spring and AARP!

I absolutely adore Stephen Spring, who is the Education Director of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition (ABC — although new name coming as it recently merged with PEDS), and who I’m proud to call a friend. I helped him with an AARP class yesterday (the students were virtual/ we were in person together — and yes, it poured but the class prevailed!). I’m still laughing about all the fun we had.

FYI, one student set her alarm to be sure she didn’t miss the class. Another is excited about her ebike arriving next week. Both are seniors. Safe spaces and a welcoming bike culture are critical for their participation in this biggest bike boom since the 1970s.

You can see Stephen’s other free classes here.(Note: ABC had its quarterly stakeholder meeting last night to discuss 2022 goals. I missed it due to the proximity in time to this class. I will share info when available.)

You can see my free classes (and other resources) here.

Stephen took this photo of me yesterday, after I took the one of him! Teamwork!

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