Speaking of Global . . .

Every Labor Day Weekend, my girls and I used to do what’s called a “Life Pie,” where we’d figure out how we wanted to spend our unrepeatable 168 hours each week moving forward (and then we’d eat pie). I’ve continued every year, and I just did it again (yum — I had a particularly good chocolate cream pie this year).

Thus, I have renewed clarity about many things, including definitive next steps as the first Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor. Passing this sign yesterday for the new Global Spokes bikeshop in the most diverse square mile in the USA simply solidified my intentions. (Meet the astounding Global Spokes head mechanic here.)

My 1-year anniversary (in a 2-year term, pro bono) as Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor with the Amsterdam-based social enterprise BYCS ends at the end of Biketober. I have fulfilled the majority of my objectives (shining a light on those making it welcoming to ride bikes, creating/sharing welcoming routes, and teaching women and girls — see 10-month update here, if interested.

I confirmed with BYCS yesterday that my 2nd year will focus on:

  • Spotlighting the truly astounding work of bicycle mayors around the world (India’s Relief Riders will knock your socks off);

Thus, now is the time if you want to apply to become the bicycle mayor of your specific Metro Atlanta city or county as part of this global consortium, as I will no longer be focusing on regional or local issues starting November 1 (with the exception of ongoing teaching of women and girls, most likely only refugees).

P.S. If you want to join Team Trust the Journey for Biketober, see here. Only 6 spots left.