Put Your CIty on the Map

graphic from BYCS.org

Today on the Biketober calendar, I suggest you see if your city is on the global Bicycle Mayor Network map. If not, find out how to apply, or nominate someone, to become the Bicycle Mayor (or Junior Bicycle Mayor!) where u live. (Note: Even if your city is already covered, each Bicycle Mayor’s term is two years and it may be almost time for a replacement.)


Find out how to apply to become or nominate someone to become a #BicycleMayor (or #juniorbicyclebob ) as part of global consortium. bycs.org

♬ Bicycle (feat. Shungudzo) – BC Unidos

I currently represent 70 cities/10 counties as the first Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor* (but will be focusing my limited pro bono hours 100% globally for year 2 of my term starting Nov. 1**), and every one of them needs their own. Great things are planned by the network for 2022. Don’t be left out.

*Here was my 10-month update. I’ll be doing a Year 1 Summary at the end of Biketober.

**I am available for hire for select projects from truly forward-thinking companies and organizations. I specialize in expert rubber-hits-the-road experiential writing as well as project leadership on things that seem impossible (note: they’re not).