Thanks, World!

Thank you for visiting from all over the world in 2021. See here for blogs, books, classes, merch, and more. Join me Traveling at the Speed of Bike (and rollerskates!) in 2022!


#Thanks to everyone all over the #world who joined me #TravelingAtTheSpeedOfBike in 2021! See link in bio for blogs, books, merch, and more! Join me in 2022! #bycs #peopleforbikes #bikeleague #bike #bikelife #YouGoGirl #CenterJoy #fyp

♬ Bicycle – Newton ELDERZAR Samuels

In the meantime, let’s close out this year with our global shuffledance routine! Hop on in! We’ve got four steps already, and I’ll be adding four more (one each day). Then, we’ll put it all together for our virtual New Year’s Eve Dance Party!