Call for Submissions for 2022 National Bike Month Calendar UPDATED

Update: I’m not doing this this year. Am way too busy with my full-time job plus my #BikeBloom upcycled earrings on plantable paper, which are FREE when you donate #125US to Global Spokes and helps them provide bikes to refugees in the most diverse square mile in the USA. See how to get yours here!


Hi, all. I’m starting to curate the National Bike Month Calendar for May 2022, which will also include a blog post with details and links. If you would like your Metro Atlanta, statewide (in Georgia), national (throughout the USA, not state-specific), or global (throughout the world, not country-specific) event to be considered for inclusion, please touch base. (I’m also always considering resources to be considered as additions to the first global You Go Girl toolkit, if that’s a better or additional fit for you.)

Pictured above is the calendar from 2021. Here is the 2021 National Bike Month post with details and links. If you would like to be a sponsor of this calendar, contact me for terms.

Microinfluencer Road-Testing of Your Product

If you would like me to road-test a sustainable-lifestyle product in time for either Earth Month (April) or National Bike Month (May), please contact me first so we can determine if it’s an authentic fit. No more books for awhile, please — so many people have been sending them to me and it’ll take me awhile to get through them.

If I love your product, I tend to make TikToks about it and amplify it across social media platforms (I’m considered a microinfluencer, specifically on Twitter, with an ongoing engagement rate over 3% and frequent surges over 20%). My upcycled ocean plastic bike basket from Electracycle, for instance. I love that thing. In addition to a Ridespot review of it, I’ve posted at least two dozen TikToks that include it. Here’s a recent one:

How-To-Use-TikTok Class for Bike Advocates

Speaking of TikTok, I’m working on a quick text-based starter class to help get more bikey advocates on board (I’ll probably also offer that as a downloadable PDF as well — see my two learn-to-ride a bike classes in both formats here).

Where is everyone on tiktok? I don’t see the League of American Bicyclists (for which I’m a certified League Cycling Instructor), PeopleForBikes (for which I’m an Ambassador), or the Amsterdam-based social enterprise BYCS (for which I’m the first Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor as part of their 150-strong global consortium of bicycle mayors)*.

My fun, fast, globally-available class will premiere on March 4 as we march forth to a truly (not greenwashed**) more bike-friendly world.

Biketober Calendar

Finally, I will be curating the Biketober calendar (in October) again this year as well. That will be my final action in my two-year-term as a bicycle mayor. I’ll provide a call for submissions for that closer to the date. You can see the 2021 Biketober calendar below. Here is the Biketober post with details and links.

See National Bike Month (May) calendar, details links here. See Biketober (October) calendar, details, links here

*All those outreaches are 100% pro bono — and 100% of the proceeds from my Artsy Bike merchandise, BIkeNoodle sticker, and books are used to do good.

I’m currently road-testing vegan leather upcycled bike waste earrings (thanks to my road testers across the USA right now!). I may open an Etsy shop. All proceeds, as usually, will be used to do good:

Additionally, as a career writer/content creator/project manager, I am currently employed full-time as a paid communications specialist with the CDC Foundation, working exclusively with the State of Alaska Department of Health on a comprehensive wellness campaign titled Healthy You in ’22 (the time difference enables me to keep doing my hands-on experiential research for this blog and my TikToks). More on that in a future post . .

Note: I’m looking at the Peace Corps in my rear-view mirror right now — my June 4, 2020 departure for Uganda as an Agribusiness Specialist (if you don’t know, that’s my other passion) got pushed at least six times due to the pandemic (and has required significant ongoing actions by me to stay legally and medically cleared). You may enjoy the first few chapters of my story about that journey. And now, we’re movin’ on, team.

**Speaking of greenwashing, we’re done with that in our cities (here’s the media release we need ASAP where I live), Join me in saying no more (also, hear the frogs!):