2. Visualize Success

Let’s visualize what success looks like for an adult learning to ride a bike. If you can dream it, you can live it, right?

Here’s a short video showing what we’re intending to achieve in this quick course:


Welcome Kaysha to bike riding! See @pedalpowerwithpattie for tips and inspiration, and advocacy!

♬ You Got the Power – Magnet

Kaysha learned to ride a bike for the first time in her life in less than two hours using my proven Pedal Power with Pattie technique. You most likely can, too.

If interested:

1. Meet some of my Pedal Power with Pattie students. Many of them never rode a bike in their lives.

2. Take a look at the next class you can take after this one so that you know you have support if you choose to make bike riding an ongoing part of your life. (If you already know how to pedal, then just start there!)

3. Consider purchasing my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike. It’s theme is Trust the Journey. All proceeds are used to provide free classes like this, specifically for women and teen girls.

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