Meet Kaysha

Meet Kaysha. She learned how to ride a bike today! Her goal is to be able to ride a bike with her friends on the Atlanta Beltline (shhhhh; they don’t know yet that she didn’t know how to ride — she wants to surprise them). Kaysha said I could share her journey to help encourage others.

If you’d like to join the bike boom but need some help learning how to ride, see here for 4 free ways. (Note: My in-person classes are full through May.)

I may share the secrets I see working over and over again in a concise little tip sheet and/or video (or new TikTok!), which should help most women who never rode before ride independently within 1.5 hours. No kidding.

If you are a city/county/country leader, please understand the urgency of creating safe spaces immediately. Kaysha is out there practicing, and her life (and mine) depends on safe access that meets NACTO guidelines. Thanks.

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