Stuff I Love

I love being a woman on a bike with a basket! I especially love that my basket (which I move easily from bike to bike) is a pound of upcycled ocean plastic (known as a Plasket and shown here rockin my BikeBloom upcycled bike tube earrings). See the feature story I did on it! I use it every single day. It carries my groceries, rollerskates, locks, snacks, hammock, picnic blanket, packages to ship, gifts to deliver, public fruit harvests, and more. (I’m a joy-based lifestyle influencer and professional communicator who has successfully normalized riding a bike as transportation in our cities for years now.)

See more of the hundreds of things I’ve loved and promoted, plus rates if you want me to road-test, rave, and write about your sustainable product. Touch base! I ride every day. I might as well shout it out about your stuff.

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