Jesus saves, apparently

39261002950_9839820ef9_oJesus saves, apparently. Or at least that’s what I’m told by the sign on the steeple of historic Big Bethel A.M.E. Church on Sweet Auburn Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia every time I’m Traveling at the Speed of Bike near it (which is often, for lots of reasons, including for my A Streetcar Named Aspire longitudinal street photography project). Fun fact: The sign has been there since 1922.

By the way, here’s what it looks like to ride on that road, which has been recently paved and is quite lovely to ride. I pass dozens of important historic locations in this one-minute video. If you are interested in knowing more about them, I recommend a walking or biking tour with one of the companies that offers them. Or just pop on Relay Bikeshare and read the many historic markers along the way.

FYI, here’s a little poem I wrote about my findings over time on the Atlanta Streetcar route (which includes Auburn Avenue):

Jesus Still Saves

Jesus still saves;
The Royal Peacock still twerks;
Men hurt in Hurt Park
Without homes, without work;
The Oldest Shop stands;
The Rib Shack’s still red;
Folks still go to the Curb Market
To buy pigs, to be fed;
Heroes still rise;
Hunger still looms;
If you want to ride Streety,
There’s still lots of room;
The most popular stop is still Centennial Park,
But most spots on the route
Are abandoned at dark;
Sweet Auburn’s still famous;
Ebenezer’s most known;
And it seems that no one
Ever gets Luckie at Cone;
There’s still a bit left
Of the mural with fire,
And shopkeepers still hope
As the streetcar aspires;
Three years have now passed
And people still stare
When they hear the ding ding
Of the bell in the air.