Leap of faith

God is funny. He turned my life upside down and had me Traveling at the Speed of Bike every single day for the last five years for reasons I didn’t know. So much good has happened as a result, including now this — becoming a tour guide with Bicycle Tours of Atlanta. Thank you, Robyn Elliott (who took this photo while on a recent tour), for this new opportunity to share Atlanta-on-bike with the world. If you haven’t checked out Bicycle Tours of Atlanta yet, see Robyn’s amazing website here.

And, by the way, I didn’t originally meet Robyn because of bicycles. I met her a few years ago because she is a friend of my friend, David, and we originally bonded over him and his nonprofit Helping Feed Atlanta. I met David because he was in a play with my older daughter thirteen years ago. I had my daughter twenty three years ago because I met my husband after my college friend introduced us. She thought of me because I used to pass her apartment in New York City often (thirty years ago) — on my bike! Full circle! This is yet another reminder to trust the journey, even when it requires a leap of faith.

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