Leap of faith

photo credit: Robyn Elliott

God is funny. He turned my life upside down and had me Traveling at the Speed of Bike every single day for the last five years for reasons I didn’t know. So much good has happened as a result, including now this — becoming a tour guide with Bicycle Tours of Atlanta. Thank you, Robyn Elliott, for this new opportunity to share Atlanta-on-bike with the world. If you haven’t checked out Bicycle Tours of Atlanta yet, see Robyn’s amazing website here.

And, by the way, I didn’t originally meet Robyn because of bicycles. I met her a few years ago because she is a friend of my friend, David, and we originally bonded over him and his nonprofit Helping Feed Atlanta. I met David because he was in a play with my older daughter thirteen years ago. I had my daughter twenty three years ago because I met my husband after my college friend introduced us. She thought of me because I used to pass her apartment in New York City often (thirty years ago) — on my bike! Full circle! This is yet another reminder to trust the journey, even when it requires a leap of faith.