All fueled up

IMG_0998.JPGI’m bringing my mom home from rehab tomorrow, after she went there following surgery (following a harrowing summer) the day after my husband and I got home from dropping our younger daughter at college. My mom is doing great, and I’ve managed to ride my bike (or use bikeshare) almost every day during this ordeal (including to rehab a few times). As usual, Traveling at the Speed of Bike has been a godsend for my mental and physical health.

And now, I’m fueled up and good to go for the next stage in life. I’m hoping I can settle in to my encore career as a bike tour guide and educator, get back to my fiction and feature writing (I’ve pitched some new stuff), and continue work on my 50 States 50 Women project. Oh, and I have a new guerrilla art exhibit coming to Gallery 26 in October. (I almost forgot about that.)

As always, I’m trusting the journey — and I have a bike ready to ride at all times.