League instructor shirt

LeagueShirtThe League of American Bicyclists occasionally makes available a specially-designed shirt for League Cycling Instructors. There’s a brief window during which you can order it, and then like months later it arrives. I previously (a year and a half ago) ordered and received their bike jersey, but except for this one photo, I just about never wear it (although I’m sure others do). I’m just not a jersey kind of woman when I’m Traveling at the Speed of Bike.

Now, in addition to the jersey, they are offering a polo shirt so I ordered that instead. I especially love that they offer both women’s and men’s sizing as that underscores their inclusion of my often-underrepresented gender in the bike world and in our shared public spaces known as streets. My fingers are crossed that some day they’ll offer a tank top, since that’s the most common way I roll here in Atlanta’s heat. (Or maybe I’ll just design my own tank tops over at my Cafepress shop . . . )

I’m working on a way to offer virtual “Pedal Power with Pattie” Back on Bike classes to 50 women over 50 across the USA, kicking off in 2019. And I look forward to wearing my new polo shirt.