IMG_1141.JPGI offered my previous Pedal Power with Pattie students the opportunity for a bike ride around Piedmont Park right before Atlanta Streets Alive this past Sunday. Viv (pictured on the right) came, and she brought a co-worker named Megan. Viv has been commuting to the Centers for Disease Control (where I just rode last week) several times a week since our last class, and Megan (who moved to Atlanta recently from Ohio) would like to bike-commute there as well.

We breezed through basics with Megan and then all did targeted practicing with scanning, signaling, rock dodges, and quick stops as we circled the park (including past The Fence photo exhibit, which is in Piedmont Park instead of on Belty for the first time this year). Finally, we rode in an on-street bike lane and took the lane when it was (inevitably) blocked by a stopped truck on a very busy road. This gave us the opportunity to put our scanning, signaling, and lane-changing skills into practice.

I left Viv and Megan on Peachtree Street and touched base later to discover they had a great time and made it back home safely. I’ll be sharing this update with the rest of my previous students, with the offer to them to join my Atlanta Bike Challenge Biketober team, Trusting the Journey. If you live anywhere in metro Atlanta, you are welcome to join as well (note: there is a maximum of eight team members allowed and we currently have four) . You get points and the chance to win great prizes any time you ride a bike during October for at least ten minutes, and for when you encourage others to ride as well. So, just as Viv encouraged Megan, I’m offering you this encouragement. Sign up here.