Share your love

I write my heart out for you, and right now I could use a little love. I’m trying to get all my revenue-stream ducks in a row as my hubby (a long-term federal employee charged with protecting Americans in some pretty major ways) is currently working without pay due to the U.S. Government shutdown* and we don’t know when we will see his next paycheck.

My years of steady corporate and other contracted content-creation work seem behind me (all my corporate clients got laid off and the magazines for which I wrote folded at the end of the last recession), and a series of what-used-to-be side hustles (books, classes, tours, articles, etc.) now make up my encore career. So, if you are so inclined, here are ways to toss a little love my way and keep me out there as an independent voice covering stories, revealing truths, sharing best practices, and bearing witness in ways that I believe truly matter in our changing world.

  1. Consider purchasing one or more of my  books;
  2. Get your own Bike Noodle sticker (and you won’t want to miss Chapter 6: Noodle Lady in Traveling at the Speed of Bike!);

3 . Take a class, at 90% off the REI bike class cost through January;

4. Click ads on this blog (I get pennies, but you’ll be surprised how I transform them);

5. Hire me to write for your company or magazine (see Linked In for my corporate and nonprofit background; here is a small sample of my published articles);

We are in unprecedented times and they require constant pivots. Thank you for Traveling at the Speed of Bike with me (even if it’s just on this blog), and for helping me to continually trust the journey. Some days are more challenging than others, and I am grateful that my beloved bike rides (which is how I do the majority of my research) still feel like where God wants me right now, for reasons I don’t fully understand.

* If interested, please see #ShutdownStories on Twitter for the wide range of American workers directly affected by the U.S. Government shutdown. Spread the love as far as you can, please. Who knows what, or who, is next.