Super art

Granted, excitement is mounting in Downtown Atlanta for the Big Game as Super Bowl frenzy descends upon us. But the story closest to my heart is the Super Bowl legacy project that will live beyond the event — the super art featured in the Off the Wall series of new public murals, presented by the WonderRoot arts organization in partnership with the City of Atlanta and the Super Bowl LIII Host Committee.

Thoughtfully-selected local and national artists embarked on a series of community conversations to inform their designs, which then underwent two rounds of community approvals. The artists have been frantically painting through wind, rain, and cold. (I even volunteered for a couple of hours one morning.) The result is a stunning collection of distinct public murals amplifying Atlanta’s civil rights and social justice journey from the past to the present, all within a mile of Mercedes Benz Stadium. I’ve enjoyed watching this progress while Traveling at the Speed of Bike, and in other up-close-and-personal ways I’ll share with you soon.

If seeing this art inspires you to dig deeper into civil rights and social justice close to home and around the world, consider visiting the astounding National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Downtown Atlanta, which hometown favorite Coca Cola is making free for visitors starting Monday, January 28, through the end of February.

Bravo to Atlanta for seeing the opportunity to host this major sporting event as a way to tackle bigger issues.

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