Bike lights (front)

fullsizeoutput_1defSo let’s kick off our Month of Love (featuring bikey things I bought, use, and love) with my recommendation for lights. First, the law: You are required to have a front light and back light if it’s dark out (a back reflector, which could instead be a back light, is required at all times). Note that lights are measured in lumens. Under 500 lumens (such as little blinkie lights you can get for just a few bucks) can be considered  for use when you want to be seen. Over 500 lumens will enable you to actually see.

What you may not realize is that high-lumen front lights are useful during the day as well. On a strobe setting, they make street signs ahead pop (I have to take a little video of this for you — it is phenomenal), which catches the attention of motor vehicle drivers beside you or upcoming much more than your presence does. They alert drivers coming in the opposite direction that a driver on your side may veer out in order to give you the required-by-law (in most states) passing room. They also broadcast your existence during fog as well as during sunrise/sunset hours when glare can be blinding to drivers, and they cut through the rain. (This is the kind of fun stuff we cover in my classes, by the way.)

These things can get very pricey. Pictured is the front light I use every day. It is 800 lumens, requires no tools to install (so I switch it from bike to bike easily), has three settings, is rechargeable, gives a warning light if the battery is low, and is on a little hinge so I can point it down when I move from a road to a multiuse path so it doesn’t get in pedestrians’ eyes (trail etiquette! another thing in my classes). It also comes with a little back light (however, there is a back light I prefer that I’ll share with you next). It costs just $29.99. I bought it, I use it, and I love it. Click the photo below to find out more and to order.

Tap in every day this month for posts about every product in my “Pedal Power with Pattie”-Approved Shop. Hope to see you out there Traveling at the Speed of Bike!

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